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Invictus Accounting is hiring for Associate positions starting in 2024!


Invictus Accounting is hiring for Associate positions starting in 2024!


We are not your typical CPA firm.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, our 70 plus team members provide consulting, accounting and tax advisory for publicly listed and privately held companies. We are creative problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and love what we do. Our team members provide industry-like services (such as Controller, Director of Finance, CFO) while benefitting from the client variety, camaraderie, and professional atmosphere of public practice. We focus on providing top-tier high value advisory services, rather than audit services, and as a result we have built strong relationships with both the national and mid-tier audit firms working directly with their clients so that they – as the auditor – can maintain their independence and refer work to a trusted partner.

Committed to balance, Invictus’ work environment ensures flexibility and family are as important as professionalism and premier service. To accomplish this we developed a proprietary “Great Eight” training system and methodology which teaches our team members to consistently have highly effective and balanced eight-hour workdays (and it works!). Our diverse and challenging work, as well as fun, team-oriented atmosphere are just a couple of the reasons we have very low employee turnover, and a rapidly growing team.

Check out this LinkedIn post for more details:


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