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BakerTilly Information Session - April 4, 2024

Gary and Anna from BakerTilly came to Langara to delve into industry specifics, career paths, and the skills needed to excel in the accounting field. Students got the opportunity to network after the information session and explored avenues for growth and achievement at BakerTilly.

MNP Information Session - March 19, 2024

5 representatives from MNP came to Langara to share their firm's opportunities and gave insight into the world of Accounting! The representative spoke about industry specifics, career paths, and the skills needed to excel at their firm.

After the information session, students got a chance to network with the MNP representatives.

LAC CVITP Tax Clinic 2024 - March 18 to April 15, 2024

Our second in person CVITP tax clinic was made possible by our volunteers and the LAC Executive team!

(Pictures coming soon)

Spring 2024 Clubs Day - January 9, 2024

Club Day was a resounding success for the Langara Accounting Club! We were thrilled to connect with so many enthusiastic students at Langara College interested in the world of accounting.

A huge shout-out to our dedicated representatives who did an amazing job at the booth, showcasing what our club is all about and how it can pave the way for future career opportunities.

Want to be part of a community that enhances your accounting knowledge, networking skills, and gives you a head start in your career? Join us at It’s never too late to add value to your academic journey and we’re here to do it together.

Swipe through to see moments from the day - from our team in action to engaging conversations with potential club members!

LAC x CAA Case Competition Networking Event - November 19, 2023

The LAC x CAA Case Competition concluded with a networking event at Tap and Barrel. Teams, faculty, judges, and esteemed guests got to mingle and networking with other students and firm representatives that were not at the case competition portion of the day.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our networking event. ❤️

We hope you had an amazing time connecting with firm representatives and all industry professionals😎

Here are some pictures from the event, we had a blast! 🔥 We look forward to hosting you again!😉

LAC x CAA Case Competition Teams - November 19, 2023

Congratulations to the 6 teams that competed! 

First Place - Nightwing: Priya McMurtrie, Amanda Phillips, Vishal Prem Jagarapu, and Terrence Alanis
Second Place - AIM Consulting: Aidan Herbertson, Stephan Leung, Texi Wu, and Kritika Jain
Third Place - RYC Consulting: Olivia Chia Yu Nie, Angeline Ricky, and Lucas Yeung

AMAC Consulting: Mateus Mota, Alakhjot Singh, Arshdeep Kaur, and Carter Wotherspoon
DIJON Consulting: Isaac Prudencio, David Cerna, and Jacob Pomfret
Granville: Amisha Maini, Nawar Choudhari, Rohith Moothodan, and MD Rahman